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sukanto Kuri
Jul 06, 2022
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Secondly, the course of graphic design history can inspire students to understand the origin of modern graphic design thought, find its root in history, understand the driving force of modern graphic design, and understand modern graphic design more deeply by understanding the development history of graphic design. By learning the knowledge of graphic design history, students can better understand the current graphic design, and then look forward to the future development trend of graphic design. Conway said in Design History: “The study of the past can help us understand where we came from and what complex choices and decisions we faced to get to the present. Without this perspective, our Comprehension will be Photo Manipulation Services limited. We will be prisoners of the 'now', unable to foresee options or recognize the possibility of options." In addition, higher-level teaching of graphic design history should also educate students about design Students have a certain understanding of the methods and strategies of physical research, and enhance the cultivation of students' comprehensive historical analysis and design thinking. To do this, teachers must have many years of experience in design history research, so as to inspire students to build independent thinking in historical research, know what is and why, and achieve a higher level of learning. 2. Existing problems The fact that some students despise theoretical courses is an important problem in university education. The content of history theory is complex and boring, and its learning benefits cannot be reflected in a short time, so it is often difficult to stimulate students' enthusiasm for learning. This is a major problem faced by the teaching of graphic design history. Graphic design itself is a process of practice, and professional courses are also mainly practical courses. When students graduate from undergraduate courses, they do graduation design instead of graduation thesis, and employment needs are also dominated by students' design practice ability, which leads to theoretical Courses are not valued.

sukanto Kuri

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